Leaf sponsorship

Sponsor the Cape Grysbok (Raphicerus melanotis) and support OneZoom

You can explore this tree of life at home or on your mobile device from www.onezoom.org

About leaf sponsorship

You can sponsor leaves on the OneZoom tree of life for yourself or as a unique gift for someone you know. As a thank-you, we acknowledge donations to the OneZoom charity (non-profit) by displaying your chosen sponsor’s name on the leaf of your choice. Your donations will help us in our aim to provide easy access to scientific knowledge about biodiversity and evolution, and raise awareness about the variety of life on earth together with the need to conserve it.

There can only be one sponsor per leaf so get your favourite species before someone else does.


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How to sponsor

This leaf has to be sponsored from your own device.

To sponsor the Cape Grysbok (Raphicerus melanotis) later, make a note of your creature code and enter it at www.onezoom.org/sponsor

Your creature code is 40131

Direct URL for sponsorship

Alternatively, to sponsor the Cape Grysbok (Raphicerus melanotis) directly, you can simply go to www.onezoom.org/sponsor_leaf?ott=40131 or point the camera app of your phone at the following QR code:

Thank you for your interest in supporting our work.